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Time honoured traditions……

There is an impressive family history behind Engelsviken Canning, which celebrated its 150-year anniversary in 2017.
The Gran Andersen family founded the company in 1867, and since then the family has been running the business, including sales and fish processing, in Engelsviken just outside Fredrikstad.

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Dill Waffles with Shrimp and Horseradish Sour Cream

The shrimp sandwich of the year! This fantastic combination of sweet and savoury, texture and scent of the sea completes this taste experience!

Engelsviken hand peeled shrimps «BAHN MI STYLE»

A unique flavour bomb! A taste of Asia with Korean Kimchi mayonnaise, Thai Sriracha sauce and coriander, complemented by hand peeled shrimps from Engelsviken served in a traditional hot dog bun!

Dim Sum with Crayfish and Radish Salad

Dim Sum – one could call it Chinese tapas. Small mouthfuls of many tantalising flavours. True to tradition we serve oven-baked crayfish in rice with a delicious and crispy radish salad.

Our products

Delicious and innovative new products from Engelsviken

Our ambition here at Engelsviken is to offer customers shrimps and other seafood as fresh and natural as they were traditionally sold from the Engelsviken pier in 1867. Our ambition corresponds the growing trend in our industry with greater focus on health and healthy raw goods.

Through our participation in a development project, we have created an entirely new brine based on organic acids. We can now offer a series of healthy natural products with the same delicious taste and Engelsviken quality, but with no artificial preservatives.

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