Gå til hoved-indhold

Time honoured traditions……

There is an impressive family history behind Engelsviken Canning, which celebrated its 150-year anniversary in 2017.

The Gran Andersen family founded the company in 1867, and since then the family has been running the business, including sales and fish processing, in Engelsviken just outside Fredrikstad.

It all began with Lars Andersen’s nose for business, and after obtaining a trading license in 1867 he began operating a general store, a bakery and a fish merchant. The company had contacts and cooperative partners along the entire Oslo fjord from Nevlunghavn to the Swedish border, and business was booming. When shrimp trawling started up around the turn of the century, Andersen wanted to be involved.

The industry rapidly developed, and in the early 1900s there was a major influx of herring in Norwegian waters.

The company started the production of salted herring and continued to prosper. Years passed and new generations took over the business, though the company continued its focus on fish processing and seafood.

Engelsviken is still owned by the Andersen family, now 4th and 5th generation, and quality and tradition still characterise Engelsviken products. Hand peeled shrimps and anchovy filets continue to be two of our most popular products.

Headquarters are located in Engelsviken harbor where the adventure first began, although the factory itself has now moved to Skagen in Denmark.