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Our objectives

Engelsviken Canning's objectives are to produce and sell products and set up collaboration schemes at a competitive price and agreed quality, so that our customers' requirements and expectations are satisfied in full.

There must be no risk in consuming our products, and they will be produced and placed on the market according to the current regulations throughout Europe.

Management review

The management must review quality at least once a year. This review must include: Internal and external auditing, the previous management review, feedback from customers, deviations and the action taken to remedy them, a review of results, reports from the HACCP-based system, development of scientific information that is significant for the products, requirements for resources and a review of results from call-back tests.

Policy on Quality

  • ECD's policy on quality is to supply and deliver products based on the concepts of "Quality, Tradition and Professional Knowledge".
  • Our products must be considered to be among the best on the market.
  • We seek to motivate our employees through regular training, and to promote professional competence, quality consciousness and job satisfaction at the workplace.

In order to achieve this, we must have a management that: 

  • Takes active steps to ensure that the policy on quality and other objectives are understood and put into practice at all levels in the company.
  • Allocates resources for setting up and operating an appropriate quality assurance system.
  • Increases commitment to implementing the quality assurance system among employees and suppliers.

We must have employees who: 

  • React to deviations from quality and take the initiative for improvements in their own work.
  • Assume responsibility for satisfying customers' requirements and expectations.
  • Know and understand Engelsviken Canning's objectives and policy on quality.