The company now known as Engelsviken was founded in 1867 by Lars Andersen. It is registered as Engelsviken Canning, and it was under that name that the company was nominated as Company of the Year in 1998.

Engelsviken is a charming little Norwegian town by The bay of Oslo, where the company has its roots and head office. The production plant is in Skagen, Denmark.

Even though our main products today are ready-shelled shrimps and other top quality products based on shellfish in brine, the company still sells highly prized "anchovies" processed from Skagerrak sprats. For many Scandinavians these delicacies are synonymous with the name Engelsviken, since the original, carefully guarded family recipe has been handed down through the generations.

Today the company is owned by the fifth generation of Andersens and is well prepared to face the future with modern facilities, specially designed to meet demands in Scandinavia and across the whole of Europe.